Data Integrity

All staff at Caltest signs and abides by an ethics and integrity agreement regarding data handling practices, a confidentiality agreement, and an agreement to abide by the protocols and policies of the Caltest Quality Assurance Manual, and the employee handbook. Monthly staff meetings re-iterate the critical importance of maintaining the highest standards of integrity with regards to our data.

Caltest's criteria for acceptance of new work require consulting with the analytical staff to confirm the labs' ability to take in the proposed work and client specific QC criteria. This policy has been a cornerstone of not setting the lab up for failure.

Another key component to minimize the potential for fraud is controlling the sales efforts. The general manager and project managers coordinate all new work with the lab director and department coordinators. No one is paid sales commissions at Caltest.

Our targets for increased sales are long term, stable clients requiring higher levels of commitment and service than typical off the street commercial work. This type of client appreciates the service our staff provides, and in turn, allows us to continue on the plan of steady manageable growth as opposed to the ups and downs of commercial or governmental short term project work with high sample loads in short periods of time.