Experience - Qualifications
Caltest Laboratory has been under the same ownership since 1982 and is focused on trace level regulatory analyses of water/groundwater/and wastewater. Caltest has a strong core of long-term staff members averaging over seven years experience in the analytical lab. Each department has analysts with more than five years experience at Caltest, with a high degree of expertise in the analyses of wastewater and groundwater matrices.

We run most of all requested analyses in house. The analyses we routinely subcontract are those specialty analyses such as asbestos, dioxin, radiological, bioassay and tributyltin. We also subcontract some of the drinking water extractables and herbicide analyses.

Caltest's project experience ranges from military base groundwater analyses to the routine and special project analyses related to Stormwater, NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) and POTW Pretreatment Program work.

Much of the sample load at Caltest involves relatively clean matrices requiring lower reporting limits.

Our Client Experience
Our clients represent government agencies, industries and consulting firms requiring analyses of wastewater, groundwater, and drinking water, as well as hazardous waste analyses of sludge and soils. Caltest's reporting experience includes a variety of electronic deliverables customized to our client's unique database needs.