1974 - Caltest was established
1982 - Purchased by the current owner. Initial client base consisted of drinking water analysis, agriculture and wine analyses.
1986 - Caltest moved on to providing services for water monitoring specialists, wastewater treatment plants and their regulated industries.
1988 - Moved from Sonoma California to its current location in Napa California. Also:

  • Started a pretreatment program for the City of Calistoga and expanded its client base to include numerous regulated industries.
  • Invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment for low-level metals, nutrients and automated BOD analysis.

The 1990s - Many other environmental labs went out of business. Caltest used this opportunity to acquire exceptional chemists who have stayed with our company over the years. The lab focused on quality and service, while many other labs relied heavily on deep discount pricing.
1999 - Caltest was the survivor and the leading Northern California laboratory for low-level environmental compliance analysis in the Bay Area and Sacramento corridor.
2000 - Caltest became the first commercial laboratory to provide cold vapor atomic fluorescence (CVAF) low-level mercury test analysis in the State of California.
2001 - Caltest invested heavily in clean sample handling techniques for the metals department to enable us to run the lowest commercial environmental metals analyses in the State. Our routine low-level metals production moved to ICP-MS in 2001.
2002 - Started work to meet the calibration criteria of the California Toxics Rule and the State Implementation Plan for very low-level Minimum Levels. Caltest was the first lab in the state to meet all of these criteria for each set of analytes on the SIP lists.

  • One of the first labs in the State to introduce Perchlorate analysis commercially
  • Purchased equipment specifically for this purpose enabling calibration down to one ppb, the lowest reporting limits available among commercial laboratories.

2003 - Expanded to include clients throughout the California Central Valley and all of the Greater San Francisco Bay area.

2004 - Introduced Pyrethroid Pesticide analyses by GCMS/SIM at the lowest levels commercially available. Developed in-house Methyl Mercury analysis.