Mission Statement

Caltest Analytical Laboratory exists for the purpose of providing:

  • Reliable analytical services
  • A good work environment for its employees
  • A reasonable return to its investors

As a value driven company, we seek to provide high-quality data, a good work environment for our employees and a reasonable return to our investors. We are committed towards establishing great customer relations by being honest, responsive, and courteous in all our dealings. We continually seek better ways to produce analytical data more efficiently and reliably and at lower levels of detection.

Caltest is a stable company under the same ownership for more than 20 years. The lab is operated conservatively, profitably, and has never been in any bankruptcy, contract disputes, or regulatory investigations.

We believe that it is very unlikely that a lab can produce consistent quality if the staff is unstable or professionally unsatisfied. We strive to make Caltest a great place to work, and to work with.