Quality Assurance Officer/Manager

Science Degree required. Must possess excellent communication skills, both written and oral as well as good organizational skills. Personal accountability and integrity are required. Computer skills required including Word, Excel, and Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) aptitude, training for LIMS provided on the job. The Laboratory has been in business since 1982 and has a mature quality management system. We are NELAC and ELAP certified, and DOD audited. The Quality Assurance team has the program up to date. Due to a scheduled change later in the year we are posting this position now to allow on the job orientation/training with the current Quality Assurance Officer. We want a very strong technical and quality systems manager for our operation. Our staff has a very low rate of turnover. We want good colleagues for our other employees. The position requires someone who will keep up with a demanding work load all the while treating others with courtesy and respect. The successful candidate will be hungry to learn, and diligent to master all the materials and skills needed to perform well for the laboratory. Caltest Analytical Lab exists to provide reputable lab data; provide a good work environment for its employees, and to produce a reasonable profit for its investors. We can’t meet these objectives without really good people. A good Quality Assurance Manager will meet all of our regulatory and certification responsibilities, and also contribute to the analytical excellence of the entire organization.

Salary is related to experience. Benefits include medical, dental, vision insurance plans; 2-4 weeks vacation; five sick days and 7 paid holidays.

Within Caltest's organizational structure, the QAO provides required technical support, reviews and approves the QA results for the Laboratory Director, assists each department in the implementation of corrective actions for non-conforming analysis, and trouble shoots difficult analysis and/or matrices. It is the QAO's responsibility to address and assist in Caltest’s continuous improvement efforts. The QAO has the authority to exercise whatever oversight is necessary to assure that:

  1. All the activities regarding environmental data collection are covered by Caltest's data quality objective and QA project plan.
  2. All routinely used procedures that monitor data quality are included in Caltest's in-house SOP's and that they are adhered to by the technical staff.
  3. Audit or reviews are done to assure adherence to approved QA Plan and to identify deficiencies in the QA/QC systems.
  4. Adequate follow-through actions are implemented in response to audit/review findings.
  5. All technical staff involved in generating data has access to required training, protocols, and technology. The QAO assists staff analysts and coordinators in developing QA documentation in addition to supplying the appropriate answers to technical QA questions. The QAO reports directly to the Laboratory Director. The QAO has the authority to stop the analytical process whenever warranted. In the absence of the QAO, the President will make those decisions. All other QA functions will be performed by the Laboratory Director.

Email resume and/or inquires to Pete Halpin at info@caltestlabs.com.